i'm chad

i get paid to ask

amazing questions.

(the kind that can change your life)

I'm a Life Consultant in Dallas, TX.


I help people take on challenges

in their work-life & home-life like anxiety, stress, depression, insecurity, and more. 
Basically, when life kicks you in the gut, I help you learn how to kick back.

life coaching + consulting = Life Consulting

I'm just a guy who cares about people. Which means I care about you and your success. I'm ICF Certified and I've got a combined 7 years of Coaching & Consulting experience. I Co-Founded L.I.V.E. Now because I've been where you are now. That means I'm more than ready to show up and dig into this with you. You're going to find that, if you give yourself a chance, you can fight depression, anxiety, stress, anger, and even grief without losing your life or your mind in the process. If anything is getting in your way, we'll discover it and handle it.


I am intense, present, and supportive when it comes to my people (if you're my client, then you are my people.) Together, we're going to help you figure out how to actually live the best possible life you can in every way.


If you're already doing good, but you just want to be better, I'm definitely the coach for you as well. We'll take your goals and break them down so that you can create a formula for success. And you won't be doing it alone.


I'll be there to collaborate, support, and encourage you all the way to the top.



I help my clients find the strength & courage to take on the world. My clients realize the power & purpose hidden inside of them. They rediscover passion they thought was lost.


this is done through a combination of tools like evidence-based coaching & positive psychology.

what we do


how we do it

  • 1 on 1 coaching
  • group coaching
  • workshops
  • masterminds
  • speaking

let's talk!

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