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At some point we’ve all had the worst day of our lives (Are you going through it right now?) it could be the loss of loved one, marriage, a career, or even a dream (the knockout punch you never saw coming)

How do you deal when it all falls apart?

How do you come back from that?

How do you heal?

How do you start over?

That’s where we come in.

We know that story all too well. If you live long enough, you’re going to experience a major setback at some point. Life gets hard for some of us. Things can get dark. (Really dark)

It’s easy to let that darkness overtake you. It’s easy to give in. But you can’t let the darkness win.

Imagine that “the darkness” is a monster, and it’s your job to defeat it. We want you to know that you are not all alone. That’s why we believe it’s our job to empower you to fight back the darkness , to find purpose, hope, and life after loss. Whether it’s the loss of a loved one, a marriage, career, or even a dream... we’ve got you. If you deal with anxiety, stress, or depression... we’ve got you. If you’re struggling with confidence or identity at work or at home… We’ve got you.

Our mission is to help you find hope & opportunities hidden in your challenges, so that you can discover the strength and courage to take on the world. We share practical and creative tools to help you find your way back, so that you can live a life of love, integrity, & value for eternity.

“ Life doesn’t just get to beat you up. You get to fight back.”

About Us

Chad & Alexia Harrigan are the founders of L.I.V.E. Now, (Love Integrity Value for Eternity) Their mission is to empower people to fight back The Darkness to find purpose, hope, & life after loss. They lost their son, Collin, in 2014, & it was sudden, devastating, & life altering. It forced them to deal with issues such as divorce, suicide, depression, & more. 


Luckily they were blessed to have good people in their lives. Now they help others fight back when life hits them hard. Through their coaching, workshops, and speaking they help clients find the strength & courage to take back their lives. They are ambassadors for the value of counseling, self-care, & mindfulness with intention.


They hope by sharing their story they can encourage others to beat back The Darkness & stay in the light. To learn more about their story and why they do what they do, click the button below.


Find Your Phone Booth

No one prepared you for the ripple effect that loss would have on your life. The worst thing that’s ever happened to you seems to have no end in sight. The anxiety, depression, and guilt seems to creep into every part of your life.

There is so much self-doubt that you don’t even know who you are anymore. The pain is more then anyone should have to handle. FYP helps you find an anchor to keep you grounded and answers to the questions loss has brought to your life. Questions like:

How do I find my way back?

Who am I now?

What’s my new normal?

How can I trust myself again?

Does this pain last forever?

With FYP we share the lessons that we’ve learned in dealing with our own life changing loss. How we dealt with such topics as suicide, divorce, depression, & more.

Yes, it hurts. Yes, it changes you. Yes, it may even feel like it’s destroying you, but it doesn’t have to define you. You can get your life back. You can find hope and healing after loss.

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