A Mini-Course by Chad Harrigan

Founder, You Can L.I.V.E. Now


I want to welcome you to this new mini-course, Trust Yourself Again.

This teaching comes from my new book Hope On-Demand. We cover the process of creating hope when we want/need it. Hope is such a powerful feeling. It helps us deal with stress, anxiety, and trauma. It helps us persevere and have the resilience to push through. Hope keeps us going when things look their darkest. 


Most of us only know hope in one context, so this is probably a good time to define it. Webster's Dictionary classifies hope as a noun. It defines hope as a feeling that what you expect will happen. Hope is the ability to identify options, opportunities, and possibilities. So what happens when we're out of options, or when we can't recognize opportunities? What about when we can't see possibilities in our circumstances, situation, or even in ourselves? We're left feeling trapped, stuck, powerless, and hopeless. 


|"But is that it? Is this my life now?" 


Absolutely not! I work with clients through a three-step process of Clarity, Strategy, and Activity. 


  1. Clarity is all about the power of creating awareness. (Awareness is king)  

  2. Strategy helps us identify a pathway from where we are to where we want to be. 

  3. Activity is all about the steps we take, in real life, to get us there.


This mini-course hones in on a lesson from the Strategy portion of our process, Dealing With Challenges. We are recognizing the challenges that we must face, conceptualize, and overcome to reach our goal. One of the most common challenges deals with the concept of trust. More specifically, "How do I learn to trust myself?"


As people, we have a tendency to put all of the blame and focus outwards. We usually identify external challenges as things or other people that get in our way. However, the internal challenges can actually be more significant, numerous, and frankly, more dangerous. Trusting ourselves can be one of the hardest things to conquer. 


Have you ever had any of these thoughts/feelings?

I've made mistakes in the past. 

     I've been fooled before. 

          I've been betrayed before. 

               I can't trust my judgment. 

I keep making the same mistake (over and over and over and over...)

                     I keep picking the wrong person. 

               This keeps happening to me. 

          I keep falling for that. 

     I don't know what to do


|"If I can't trust myself, who can I trust?"


How would it feel to trust yourself again? Wouldn't it be great to trust the decisions that you make? What if you had the confidence that you can make good decisions, and even the right decisions quickly?  


Let's be real...

Our country, our world, is experiencing something on a level we've never dealt with before. It's easy to question yourself, your choices, even your values. We now have nothing but space and time to deal with ourselves. Things are going to change for us as a country, as a family, as individuals. If we let the media influence our thoughts and feelings, then hopelessness has a way in. Trusting yourself is integral to creating the hope you're going to need moving forward. And hope matters now more than ever. So if deepening your trust in yourself sounds like a plan, then let's get started!


Overview: We'll tackle this in three lessons.

  1. How your brain deals with trust

  2. Intuition VS Anxiety

  3. Conquering Indecision

How to get the most out of this Mini-Course:

Each lesson leads us to the next. You can approach this mini-course in a few different ways. First, you can read through the entire thing and then go back and do the homework. Your second option is to take each lesson one by one and do the homework for each before moving forward. Third, you can pause periodically to reflect on what we just covered and possibly write those reflections down in the journal. Either way, I advise you to take your time. This course isn't long, but it does go deep. So spend the time to do some deep thinking about what you actually need to start trusting yourself again. Because you are worth it.

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